TrustLLM: abstract

The TrustLLM project will develop European large language models (LLMs) that are the most trustworthy in European AI, covering a range of underrepresented languages.

Main objective

The main objective for TrustLLM is the development of an open, trustworthy and factual LLM, initially targeting the Germanic languages. This will create the foundation for an advanced open ecosystem for next generation modular and extensible European trustworthy, sustainable, and democratised LLMs. The focus on Germanic languages can serve as a blueprint for future activities in other families of languages.

The TrustLLM project and the surrounding ecosystem will enable, support, and improve context-aware human-machine interaction in a wide range of applications.

Reaching the ambitious objectives of TrustLLM

TrustLLM will tackle the full range of challenges of LLM development:

  • ensuring sufficient quality and quantity of multilingual training data
  • sustainable efficiency and effectiveness of model training
  • a suite of holistic evaluation benchmarks validating the multi-dimensional objectives
  • enhancements and refinements for
    • factual correctness
    • transparency
    • trustworthiness

Unique expertise and practical experience

The consortium has unique expertise and practical experience in building LLMs, combined with leading NLP researchers, as well as organizations, working on transfering the technology to companies and end-users.